Every one of our professionals adds value to the institution and contributes to achieving its objectives. We strive to attract, develop and retain the very best talent, and we support our people throughout their career in order that they achieve their full potential.

International Talent

We aim for excellence in every area, recruiting highly experienced and specialized talent from all over the world to fulfil that aim. As a global investor, we are dedicated to finding the best international talent.

Qatari Talent

We are committed to promoting the increased participation of Qatari nationals in the workplace.

We consistently source high academic achievers from local and international universities, and offer them fully-funded and tailor-made individual development plans, undergraduate scholarships and summer internship opportunities.

Retaining Talent

We offer world-class career opportunities, and place great emphasis on developing the talents of our people. This includes providing world-class training and on-the-job learning opportunities, as well as offering everyone the potential to achieve rapid career progression and performance rewards.​​​​​