QIA recognises that the future success and economic prosperity of Qatar depends on the ability of its people to compete at an international level. This is why our organisation is committed to excellence in people development in order to maintain its position as a global investor as well as to uphold the first pillar of Qatar National Vision 2030 – Human Development.

We are committed to developing Qatari talent. We plan to continue to grow our number of Qatari employees through:

• Hiring new Graduate Developees

• Leadership hiring experienced Qatari Nationals

• Leadership filling positions that become vacant from the national talent pool

Our Qatarisation Program seeks to provide meaningful career opportunities for Qataris. To build our pipeline of Qatari talent we have designed a range of leading edge programs

Graduate Training Scheme:

Our Graduate Program is designed to give new graduates entering into the world of work a unique and market-leading financial education. The two year program provides a unique financial education, mixing professional qualifications with practical experience and the opportunity to gain international exposure. Our graduate recruits receive a thorough induction into QIA and participate in some of the most comprehensive training in the world of finance and investment. This provides them with a thorough grounding on which they can build a successful international career.

Internship and Summer Training Program:

Internship and summer trainings are 4 to 8 weeks on the job training programs, normally provided during academic breaks for Qatar universities and High school students studying locally or abroad. High potential students are given the opportunity to gain valuable and practical experience in a professional work environment. Participants have the opportunity to contribute to our business and apply for the Graduate Training Scheme upon their graduation.

Continuous Professional Development

QIA is committed to excellence in people development in order to maintain and enhance its position as a global investor. We recognise the need to develop our people so that they are fully equipped to deliver the organisation's business objectives; both now and in the future.

Through our approach to performance management, we ensure that employees have the right training to ensure that they meet both their business and career objectives and maintain their performance at the highest level. This is achieved by managers setting clear performance and development objectives, reviewing these with the employees and jointly identifying how to develop their strengths to ensure better job performance.

QIA offers a diverse range of training programs targeted at all levels of employees. Our comprehensive learning curriculum covers the following areas:

• Leadership and management skills

• Professional financial qualifications

• Key financial knowledge and analyst tools

• IT knowledge

• Language training

• Professional business skills​

In addition to in-house training programs our employees attend development programs and seminars offered by the leading academic institutions and business schools globally. This includes executive development programs targeted at our high potential employees.

We recognise that learning is not confined to the classroom and we are keen to ensure that our employees are provided with opportunities to learn on the job. Employees are given challenging tasks and delegated responsibilities from an early stage in their employment and success is directly linked to their ambition, hard work and commitment. We also work closely with our investment partners, subsidiary organisations and preferred suppliers to offer our high potential employees, a developmental placement opportunities both in Qatar and internationally.

Support for Professional Certifications

We place a high emphasis on the completion of professional qualifications demonstrating our commitment to high standards in the investment management sector and providing a benchmark to check that our employees have a solid foundation through internationally recognised accreditations.

We offer training for qualifications aimed at specific professionals. CFA training is provided for those in Risk and Investment roles while CPA, ACCA or CIA programs target Finance and Accounting professionals. Other examples include CLARITAS for those in shared services roles and CIPD for our HR employees.

Our professional qualification programs provide access to some of the best industry practitioners and qualified trainers. They include mentoring and comprehensive exam preparation.