We are committed to providing all our professionals with the training, guidance and support they need – both to develop, and perform at the highest level.


We offer a wide range of training programmes, in close collaboration with both internal and external partners. Topics covered include technical, business and leadership skills, as well as financial products and industry acumen.

These programmes are designed to help our professionals excel at every aspect of working in a sovereign wealth fund; to position them at the forefront of the various professions involved in the investment sector; and to keep them completely up-to-date with the latest developments, practices and trends.

This approach helps to deliver success in what is a dynamic and constantly evolving sector – success on a personal level for every individual in our team, and success collectively for QIA as an organisation.


In addition, we operate a thorough performance review process. This ensures that each employee is supported in his or her progression with a constructive and personalised development plan, building on their areas of strength.​