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Investment Process

We follow a rigorous, four-stage approach for each investment, be it a direct investment or a fund investment. ​


The general process is described below, although we do adjust it to reflect our wide range of asset classes and investment types.​


Our teams originate deals from multiple sources. This includes proprietary sources, both in-house and through strategic relationships, as well as a network of leading institutions and partners. Examples are investment banks, private equity funds, governments and other sovereign wealth funds. ​

When pre-screening potential investments, we conduct a consistent set of analyses to assess whether the deal should enter the pipeline. The factors analyzed at this stage include: ​

  • Fit with our asset allocation and investment plans ​
  • High-level investment thesis ​
  • High-level risks


We conduct thorough evaluation that includes financial and legal due diligence. ​

The key parameters of the evaluation include: ​

  • Financial and legal due diligence
  • Detailed investment thesis
  • Detailed risk assessment

Investment Execution

The Investment Execution department works in partnership with the portfolio management teams and key QIA constituents to provide Capital Markets and M&A expertise, evaluation and execution. This includes providing commercial evaluation, structuring and execution of bespoke, negotiated deals in public and private markets as well as best in class execution of QIA equity trading.​​

Active portfolio management ​

We manage our portfolio actively to create value. We frequently assess the performance of our portfolio against the initial investment thesis. ​

We exercise our shareholder rights and are represented at shareholders' meetings of companies in which we have a significant stake. ​

The same diligence is applied to our investments in third-party funds: just as we select external managers using a thorough process, we also continue to manage and monitor them in this way

Selection criteria for external managers ​

QIA has detailed procedures on selection, engagement and operational monitoring of external investment managers. Due diligence process for evaluating a potential manager involves qualitative, quantitative and operational considerations. ​

Formal periodic performance updates are routinely required from all external fund managers. ​

Positions are closely monitored.​​​

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​​​Qatar Investment Authority is the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar and is a major contributor to realizing the Qatar National Vision of 2030.​


Investment Process

​​​Our investment process is designed to focus on "the deals that matter".​



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