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Application Requirements and Eligibility Criteria


​​​Application requirements and eligibility criteria

To apply for an investment, fund managers must fill out an application pack.

To be eligible for an investment, fund managers must demonstrate they meet our minimum eligibility criteria, including evidence of past performance, relevant experience, and clear plans to establish a presence in the State of Qatar.

The mandatory criteria are as follows:

  • Average IRR: The fund manager must have an average IRR above 10% (or respective market average) and a minimum 1.6 multiple for a holding period of five years, for at least one of their previous funds.
  • Management experience: The fund’s management team should include at least three people with a minimum of 10 years of experience in venture capital funds.
  • Mandatory venture capital investments: The fund’s primary focus is either on venture capital or equity investments.
  • Permanent presence in Qatar: The fund should be committed to setting up and maintaining an office in Qatar, with senior team members to be based in the State.
  • Business plan: The fund must have a clear commitment in its business plan to the development of the venture capital ecosystem in Qatar through planned local investments and ecosystem involvement.

Application pack

The content required in the application pack focuses on six areas:

  1. Executive summary: Introduction of the fund and fund manager, which should include an outline of the fund strategy and the rationale for interest in raising money from the fund, and an overview of their commitment to the State of Qatar.
  2. Overview of the firm: A summary of the history of the firm, including any significant milestones in its journey.
  3. Financials and performance: Insights into the performance of the fund manager, the anticipated size of the fund (including plans for raising monies from other investors), and anticipated fee terms.
  4. Fund management and team expertise: Overview of the fund’s senior management team’s respective experience, tenure, accomplishments, and a summary of the support team structure and internal capabilities.
  5. Fund investment strategy: Outline of the fund’s investment principles and philosophy, operational approach, and proposed strategy for using government funds to maximize impact based on the program’s objectives.
  6. Development impact: Details concerning the fund’s plans to establish an office in Doha and base at least one senior team member in Qatar. The plan should include a summary of how the fund manager plans to contribute to Qatar’s start-up and venture capital ecosystem, including a view of potential local investment commitments and other activities.

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