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Application and Selection Process

Application and selection process

Venture capital funds can now apply for investments through the Fund of Funds program.

Applicants must undergo a selection process to ensure they meet our requirements. This includes demonstrating why we should have confidence in their long-term strategy, the performance of their fund, and information on their plans to help nurture and develop domestic talent.

Fund managers must undertake a three-stage selection process to determine their eligibility and their funds’ suitability for investment. Eligibility requirements are set out in detail here.

Stage 1: Reviewing eligibility criteria

The applicant's key characteristics will be reviewed to determine eligibility requirements.

Stage 2: Commercial and development scorecards

The fund’s performance, strategy, potential impact on the domestic economy, knowledge transfer, and talent development will be assessed.

Stage 3: Due diligence and investment decision

A final review will be conducted to determine an investment decision.

For any questions about the application process, please contact

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