Active (Direct) Investments:

​Active investments are at the centre of QIA's investment strategy, and represent a large part of its portfolio.

The Active Investment Teams are organized along industry sectors. QIA strongly believes in superior insight through deep specialization and market access. This enables effective portfolio management for assets that follow similar industry or market cycles, and strengthens QIA’s capability to deliver superior and sustainable risk-adjusted returns.

All Teams have a global mandate across all asset classes, with some having additional specialists for specific regions, such as emerging markets. The Teams are responsible for the origination of deals, and for portfolio management.

The Active Investment Teams' sector coverage includes:​

• Commodities

• Financial Institutions

• Health Care

• Industrials

• Infrastructure

• Real Estate

• Retail and Consumer

• Technology, Media, Telecoms

• Other

Fund Investments:

Fund investments allow QIA to access investment themes or strategies otherwise not readily available, and are a source of co-investments.

The Team expertly manages a globally-diversified portfolio, evaluating and executing indirect investments across several asset clusters.​

They mainly do this through, and alongside, a carefully selected network of top-tier asset managers who bring unique capabilities and opportunities.​​

Managed Portfolios:

The Managed Portfolios team manages the portfolio allocated to the Department and advise on suitability of investments to be allocated to Managed Portfolio.

The Department actively manages the portfolio to generate returns within the specified guidelines to meet Portfolio’s long term investment objective.​

It maintains oversight over monitoring and performance analysis of the portfolio.​​