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QIA and Bpifrance announce intention to increase the size of their investment partnership focusing on strategic priorities



- Bpifrance and QIA are building on their existing investment partnership, looking to increase their investment commitment by as much as 300m EUR.

- This renewed partnership underscores the mutual confidence in each other's ability to deliver impactful outcomes in priority sectors such as AI, semiconductors, quantum computing, healthcare, aerospace and energy transition. 

Doha, Paris, 13 May, 2024 - Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) and Bpifrance have announced their intention to increase the size of their investment partnership by as much as 300m EUR, marking a significant milestone in their collaborative efforts to drive economic growth and innovation in France. This investment partnership demonstrates QIA’s commitment to France as a long-term investor, continuing to support the country’s innovation and sustainable growth.  

Through the Future French Champions (FFC) joint-venture, the first phase of this partnership completed in 2021 has facilitated substantial investments, totalling almost 300m EUR, which have been instrumental in fostering job creation and advancing economic development in France, as well as supporting the French SME sector and contributing to the development of the next generation of French champions. The investments, channelled primarily into the country’s SMEs, have had a profound impact on various sectors, contributing to job creation and spurring economic growth. 

Building on this success, both parties embarked on the second phase of this investment partnership agreeing to commit another 300m EUR in January 2023. This further solidified their commitment to driving positive change. 

Given the strong relationship between both institutions, both parties intend to increase their commitment by up to another 300m EUR once the current commitment is fully deployed, embarking in a third phase of their partnership. This renewal intent between QIA and Bpifrance underscores the mutual trust and confidence in each other's capabilities to deliver impactful outcomes.

This renewed partnership between the two parties will focus on the following strategic priorities: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Investing in AI technologies to drive innovation and competitiveness in various sectors.
  • Semiconductors (Semis): Supporting the semiconductor industry to enhance technological capabilities and meet growing demand.
  • Quantum Computing: Advancing quantum computing research and development for breakthroughs in computing power and data processing.
  • Healthcare: Investing in healthcare technologies and solutions to improve healthcare outcomes and accessibility.
  • Aerospace: Fostering innovation and growth in the aerospace industry through strategic investments and collaborations.
  • Energy Transition: Supporting initiatives focused on renewable energy, sustainability, and decarbonization.

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